What is a liquid lawn and how much does it cost

A beautiful green lawn in front of the house is an integral part of modern landscape design. Despite the external simplicity, the design of a personal garden in this style requires impressive material costs and free time. Since the process is quite laborious, you can always turn to professionals. It should be borne in mind that the payment of their labor is often the most expensive item in the estimate.

The situation may be complicated by factors such as uneven terrain, close occurrence of groundwater, lack of nutrients, and soil density. The best way out of this situation is a liquid lawn.

The essence of this technology is quite simple: the seed is distributed over the area by spraying under pressure. It should be noted that hydroseeding is the most economical way of planting a green carpet. The main thing is to purchase high-quality seeds and comply with all the recommendations of specialists. Even a slight violation of the prescribed scheme can lead to a null result.

What is a liquid lawn

The technology of growing a lawn was developed in the USA. It has become especially popular among gardeners who can’t get a roll cover or plant grass mixtures in the usual way. The list of reasons is quite extensive: lack of finance, free time or the necessary knowledge. A significant reason for using liquid lawn is often the unevenness of the soil cover and (or) its impressive area.

It should be noted that hydropowing is characterized by many features, ignoring which can lead to failure. Before starting the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself not only with the instructions for the liquid lawn (from the manufacturer), but also with the advice of gardeners who have already taken advantage of innovative technology. With a competent approach, the dream of a beautiful green lawn will become a reality within a few weeks after hydroseeding.

All components of the mixture are of natural origin, therefore, are absolutely safe for health. When upgrading the territory, there will be no difficulties with the definition of already cultivated plots. They will have a juicy green tint. Manufacturers were able to achieve this effect by adding special paint to the planting material.

What is a part of a liquid lawn

A liquid lawn consists of the following components:

  • mulch (cellulose, fine straw, sawdust) - in its functions smoothing the soil and even distribution of seeds;
  • seed - lawn grass seeds that have been processed. They are selected, focusing on climatic conditions, soil properties, personal preferences;
  • complex fertilizers - they are necessary for chemical enrichment of the soil cover, strengthening the immune system and plant growth;
  • hydrogel - provides favorable conditions for the growth of grass, prevents soil overheating;
  • gluten - "binds" all the ingredients together;
  • environmentally friendly dyes.

The mixture is thoroughly mixed before use. To do this, you can use a concrete mixer.

To achieve the desired effect faster, connect a hose to this device to which the spray gun is attached.

Pros and Cons of a Liquid Lawn

The list of advantages of a lawn is quite extensive. Hydrosowing is an effective way to combat weathering and washing of soil. Using a liquid mixture, you can:

  • get rid of defects such as bald spots;
  • restore the balance of minerals in the soil;
  • provide almost 100% germination on the site without significant financial investments;
  • suppress weed growth;
  • create a favorable microclimate for grass;
  • prevent the loss of seeds due to drying out, dustiness, peeling by birds.

The list is complemented by such advantages of innovative technology as the possibility of application in areas with complex terrain, quick landscaping of the home garden on its own, even distribution of the coating, aesthetic effect, resistance to the influence of exhaust gases.

To put a lawn on the prepared territory, it will not take much effort. The carpet turns smooth, thick and bright.

In this case, the gardener should not forget that:

  • over time, the germination rate of lawn grasses planted in this way decreases. Therefore, there is a need for annual spraying of the grass mixture;
  • the final result can be assessed only 3-5 weeks after planting. The rolled lawn is fixed much faster;
  • the range of seeds is quite wide. The probability of acquiring counterfeit products is high;
  • for hydraulic sowing, it will be necessary to purchase or rent special equipment, for example, spray pumps, vehicles, containers of various sizes, and a concrete mixer.

Dates and places of application of liquid lawn

Bulk grass is the best option for complex areas. They include high hills, roadsides, ravines, slopes and slopes, it is quite difficult to find a site without any defects. As a result, difficulties arise not only with sowing the lawn, but also with the introduction of fertilizers. Hydrosowing is carried out in places where:

  • the soil is regularly exposed to chemical attack;
  • the soil is very waterlogged;
  • there are no barriers to strong winds.

It is recommended to use a liquid lawn to create children's and sports grounds, to decorate territories adjacent to airfields, parks, and green areas within the city.

To get the desired result, you need to choose the right period for planting the lawn. The minimum air temperature starts at +10 ° C. The soil must be warm. The mixture should be sprayed in calm weather. Ignoring this recommendation will result in uneven layering of the lawn.

Instructions for using a liquid lawn step by step

The algorithm for applying and growing a bulk lawn is not difficult. It includes 3 stages: preparation, preparation and spraying of the composition. In addition to the mixture, a sprayer is included in the standard kit. To mix the mixture will require a special container.

The soil cover is prepared as follows:

  1. Choose a site.
  2. Free it from garbage and weeds.
  3. They cultivate, level and fertilize the earth.

After proceeding with the preparation of the working mixture. It is necessary to be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. They are listed in the instructions for use that came with the liquid lawn. In most cases, the mixture sold in small bags should be diluted with clean water. The resulting composition should be thoroughly mixed. After he is a little infused, you can proceed to hydropowing.

The amount of concentrate is calculated based on the flow rate indicated on the package.

In most cases, 1 liter of liquid lawn per 10 m2.

With small areas for applying the mixture will be sufficient conventional spray. If the area to be flooded with a lawn has an impressive area, special equipment will be required.

A few hours after application, the soil is covered with a crust, the function of which is to protect the seeds from external influences (wind, birds, insects, etc.).

Features of lawn care

If everything was done correctly, the first shoots will appear in 5-10 days. The future lawn needs regular watering, so it is recommended to moisten the soil daily. Particular attention should be paid to the needs of plants whose seeds are part of a liquid lawn.

Absolutely forbidden:

  • cultivate the land in bad weather;
  • apply an excessive amount of complex fertilizers. This can lead to mineral imbalance, which will negatively affect the state of the green lawn;
  • water the lawn on rainy days.

Planting poor-quality planting material is a waste of time. When buying a mixture, you should familiarize yourself with the expiration dates and composition. The landing site and the difficulty of leaving depend on the latter. For example, a regular lawn requires less attention than an elite lawn.

How much is a liquid lawn

How much you have to spend on decorative design depends on the area and neglect of the site. If the relief does not have serious defects, and the soil cover is quite fertile, the costs will be no more than 30,000 rubles. Of these: the price of materials, equipment, fertilizers - 8-15 thousand rubles., Sowing material - 4-12 thousand rubles., 0-4 thousand rubles. - to the water.

This is an approximate calculation, the total cost of work on a difficult site, with inaccessible places and slopes, can reach 200-300 thousand rubles.

Promoted “Liquid” Lawns

We cannot say with 100% certainty that blends of Hydro Mousse and Aquagrazz are fakes. Since they sell a variety of sites, and possibly manufacturers. But judging by the reviews of people, they often run into a “divorce,” buying these liquid lawns. The main thing is to look at the site - if you are offered a “discount just now”, there’s a time counter and everything sounds very nice - there is most likely something wrong.

In any case, 1000-1500 rubles is too small an amount for a real water sowing.

Do-it-yourself mixture preparation and hydropowing

Composition for lawn grass can be done with your own hands. The following components will be required (norm per 100 m2):

  • sowing material (seeds) - 2 kg;
  • pure water - from 60 to 100 l;
  • biostimulants and mineral fertilizers (in particular, phosphorus and nitrogen) - not more than 3 kg;
  • mulch - from 4 to 12 kg;
  • gluten - from 300 to 600 g;
  • hydrogel - 100 g.

To give the mixture a bright color, food coloring is added to it. The ingredients are mixed until the mass acquires a uniform consistency.

For applying a do-it-yourself lawn, most often they use a system from a container for a finished compound, a hose and a manual sprayer.

Fakes and scams

Liquid grass for the lawn today is popular with both gardeners and organizations. High demand has caused falsified products to appear on the market.

Fraudsters profit from people who want to quickly and without impressive costs decorate their possessions. In order not to suffer from their actions, a filling lawn should be purchased only from official representatives.