Fan palm Chameroops: description, home care

Chameroops belongs to the genus Arekov. The birthplace of the plant is France, Italy. This variety is also found on the Black Sea coast in Russia.

Description of the chameroops

The palm tree has one appearance - squat Chameroops. This is a shrub reaching a height of 4-5 m, a width of 35 cm. The tree has a long rhizome, several trunks growing from one base, located close to each other, covered with fibers. Chamerops squat

The palm tree has a lush crown. On one bush cuttings are located 10-20 one and a half meter leaf plates, with parallel venation, covered with spikes.

On one stem 1-5 inflorescences. Yellow buds of the dioecious type (less often monoecious). The female flowers are smaller, the male is larger. Flowering lasts from the first month of spring until the end of June. After this, a yellowish or dark red fruit is formed, fully ripening in October.

Care for chamerops at home

Palm tree care at home is typical for a shrub with a subtropical climate:

ParameterSpring SummerAutumn winter
LocationThree to four days after purchase, the plant must be kept in a bright room with high humidity for acclimatization. After that, he can be accustomed to a permanent place, leaving for several hours.
LightingPalm is shade-tolerant, but develops better in good light. She loves fresh air, so she needs to be put on a loggia, terrace. Not afraid of ultraviolet rays, it is necessary to protect it only from drafts.Brightness is bright. Artificial lighting is needed. The room is cool.
Temperature+ 23 ... +25 ºС+ 6 ... +10 ºС.
WateringAbundant, produced by drying the top layer of the earth.Moderate, the lower the temperature and light level, the less watering.
HumidityHigh (from 65%). Daily spraying with warm, settled water.Monthly foliage is wiped with a damp cloth.
Top dressingWhen kept in fresh air, it is fed with mineral fertilizers (containing nitrogen, potassium, etc.) once every seven days according to the instructions indicated on the package. With growth in room conditions - once every two weeks.Does not fertilize.

Transplant, soil

The substrate for planting is light, nutritious and balanced. For young specimens, a mixture of humus, turf, compost, sand in equal quantities is used. For mature, the amount of the last component is reduced and loamy soil is added. In the store you can buy a ready-made mixture for palm trees.

A transplant does not need to be done annually. It is done when the root system becomes cramped in the old pot.

The rhizome of the chameroops is very fragile, it is easy to damage it. Because of this, the shrub will begin to hurt, lose its decorative effect, and may even die. If there is still a need for a transplant, you need to do this by transshipment, preferably in the spring, but it is possible in the summer after flowering.


The palm tree gives lateral shoots not suitable for reproduction. For breeding use seeds. They are planted in the soil to a depth of 1-2 cm, covered with moss on top and kept at a temperature of + 25 ... +30 ° C. Shoots appear after 8-12 weeks.

Diseases and Pests

The following diseases can affect a tree:

TitleDescription of defeat
Root wormThe plant stops in development. Leaves turn yellow, fade.
Spider miteLeaves are folded into tubes, wilted. White plaques appear on the green, a thin web.
WhiteflyInsects can be seen in the green with the naked eye.
ShieldPests live at the bottom of the sheet. In case of damage, the surface of the plate becomes covered with yellow spots.

To cope with diseases, affected leaves and roots need to be cut with a knife. In the store you can buy pest control drugs (Karbofos, Aktara and other insecticides).

Problems When Growing A Chameroops

With errors in cultivation, problems arise that are corrected by adjusting the content.

Leaves wither, their tips turn brown, dry.Lack of humidity.
Brown spots on the green.
  • excessive watering;
  • hard water;
  • sharp temperature drop.
Brown leaves.Waterlogging of the soil, stagnation of water.
The greens turn yellow.Irregularity of watering.

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