3 original ideas that will decorate your summer cottage

What can you come up with at the cottage so that it is both beautiful, cozy and practical? In this article, I have collected several of these ideas. I think it will not be difficult to bring them to life. Photo from the site //br.pinterest.com

We make a bar on the porch

The bar counter on the veranda of the summer house will replace the gazebo. It is easy to create such a cozy zone for receiving guests and evening gatherings. Try to imagine how much you can expand the railing of the entrance group. 30-40 cm is enough for the bar counter. Additionally, you can strengthen the countertop with wooden corners from the lining or with a longitudinal bar pinned from the bottom. You can hang lanterns on top.

The porch decorated by a bar counter will become a favorite vacation spot. I advise you to immediately provide protection in case of rain. From the side of the facade, you can attach a roll-up film, which will be attached at the bottom. Then a random summer thunderstorm will not violate your privacy and will not have to urgently move to the house.

Launch the old bed

A swing that you can swing on while lying down is actually a great idea! And just something - an old bed, fixed on chains. They are sold in many hardware stores. The main thing is to correctly calculate the load. Such a swing in the gazebo will be better than any hammock. If there is no old bed, you can build a frame from the boards yourself. You can put on it a retractable orthopedic mattress or a sheet of high density foam rubber. A textile or knitted blanket, a pair of pillows - and that’s it, the paradise is ready! Such a summer bed can be placed on the veranda. The swing can be built in the open, with a polycarbonate canopy.

Making luminous pebbles

And the last thing is the night tracks. Phosphorus paints are no longer in short supply. They are environmentally friendly, harmless to insects, pets, people. Very impressed with the idea, peeped in a foreign publication. Phosphorus-colored pebbles scattered along a path paved with paving slabs are a wonderful solution if there is no night lighting on the site. A neon design will emphasize the beauty of the pond, a stream running from the gutter. Photo from the site //www.pankamen.ru

Feel the fantasy come true? Then it is time to look at the site in a new way, through the eyes of a designer or artist.

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