How to choose a garden swing: types, materials, tips

There are many ways to improve the site, one of which is the installation of a garden swing. It is both a decorative element and a convenient place to relax in the fresh air. It is important to carefully choose the garden swing, so that during use they bring only pleasure. Source:

Classification of swings and features of different types

Adults need a swing for relaxation, children for entertainment. Accordingly, such products can be divided into the following types:

Children's swing. They are light weight, usually equipped with only one place. For children, speed and a large swing amplitude are important. But special attention must be paid to the safety of the structure. It is better to give preference to swings made of wood or metal, rather than ordinary rope models. The swing should be equipped with stops to prevent excessive swaying and turning of the “sun”. There should be anchorages on the seats to exclude the risk of a small child falling out. Source:

Garden swing. Designed primarily for relaxation. Usually made in the form of comfortable and soft hanging sofas that can withstand a significant load. Suitable for relaxing in the company of several people, as well as a light jerk in your own garden. There are models equipped with sun protection. Typically, such protection is represented by a decorative canopy. The design is usually made of attractive materials to decorate the site. Source:

Hammock swing. Made in the form of a sunbed and designed primarily for rest. As a rule, you can swing on such a swing left and right, unlike traditional models, where the swing occurs back and forth.

Frame material is a major safety factor

For the manufacture of the frame can be used in different materials, which have their pros and cons. But, above all, the material must guarantee safety.

Plastic is the most inexpensive and lightweight material. Differs in convenience of transportation, resistance to moisture and atmospheric influences. It does not contribute to the development of microorganisms. The main disadvantages are the possibility of damage during freezing (there are frost-resistant plastics) and relatively low strength.

Frameworks made of wood look more attractive and natural, harmoniously combined with personal territory. The tree heats up slightly in the sun, nice to the touch. Source:

The material is inferior in strength to metal, but superior to plastic. It is afraid of moisture, even with a protective coating. Exposed to insects. The tree must be taken care of in a timely manner.

Metal frames are characterized by maximum strength and durability. The design is stable, able to withstand high loads.

There are different ways to decorate the material to give a natural look. Including decoration forged elements is possible.

Modern triple swings with a metal frame can withstand a load of up to 320 kg. But, it is necessary to take into account the cross-section of the pipes of the supporting structural supports. Thicker supports withstand increased loads, but increase the weight of the entire structure. Such swings will not move during rocking, but they are difficult to move around the site.

Swing supports

The entire frame of the structure is based on supports. They are responsible for the permissible load and stability. Supports should be selected based on the location of the swing.

Often found legs in the form of legs. This is a convenient and practical option, but requiring a flat surface. These supports are usually equipped with inexpensive models. They are suitable for concrete or paved surfaces. You should not place them on soft ground, they will gradually bind, which, at least, will negatively affect the ease of use.

More modern and expensive swings are equipped with arcuate supports. The load is distributed evenly, which ensures stability on any surface. They can be protected by a layer of plastic. Also usually equipped with additional support elements to prevent tipping over.

Seat design

Garden swings are usually equipped with seats in the form of small sofas or armchairs. On such a swing you can relax while sitting and lying down. The base of the seat can be fabric or metal mesh.

Fabric-based seats are commonly used in the most affordable models. They are vulnerable to moisture, designed for small loads. Gradually wear out, which requires replacement.

The basis of a woven metal mesh is much more reliable, practically does not wear out, can serve for decades. Withstands virtually any load. But, such a swing should be equipped with a special substrate, which is laid between the base and the seats themselves.

The backing protects the soft sofa from damage due to contact with the net. It will also protect your hand if it slips between the pillows.

Material of pillows and backs, covers

Various materials can also be used to fill sofas. Inexpensive models are filled with a foam cat. Its disadvantage is a gradual loss of shape. Sheet foam in fabric sheathing is a better solution. Its service life is much longer. If necessary, one-piece foam can be easily replaced.

It is worth choosing models with removable covers. This will periodically wash them in the washing machine.

At the same time, special tools and tools for cleaning the assembled sofas are not needed. There are pillows with two work surfaces. If on one side the lining is already worn out, it is just enough to turn it over to restore the appearance of the swing.

Outboard gear

To hang most models of modern garden swings, special springs made of durable steel are used. They can withstand loads of hundreds of kilograms.

Quality springs should gently absorb the sofa, without squeaks and other unpleasant sounds.

There are garden swings with a hard base. Their swinging is ensured by simple loops. You should not buy such models, they begin to creak very quickly.

Unfolding seat

Depending on the design of the seat there are:

  • fixed;
  • with folding mechanism.

Fixed sofas are mounted on a welded frame. There is no way to adjust their angle. These are cheap, but not the most convenient models. Source:

Quality swings have a folding mechanism that allows you to recline the back or flexibly adjust the tilt. Most of these models can be transformed into a real bed, capable of fully accommodating the average person.

There are models equipped with an additional locking mechanism. In this way, swinging can be completely stopped. Typically, the mechanism switches to one of the racks.

It is better to choose functional, but simpler mechanisms. If necessary, such a mechanism can be easily repaired, which cannot be said about complex lever structures.

Additional amenities and features

The swing can be equipped with all sorts of additional designs and mechanisms that increase ease of use. These options include:

  • little tables. Mounted on side supports and armrests. Suitable for arranging books, cups, etc. The armrests can be made of metal or have a soft filler with casing. The second option is more preferable; it is more convenient and safer;
  • sun protection. Almost all models of garden swings are equipped with an awning. But, keep in mind that with a small weight of the swing, the awning will act as a sail, which is fraught even with the structure turning over in windy weather. Therefore, do not choose the lightest models. The awning itself must be waterproof;
  • rain protection cape. It also comes with most models of garden swings. Allows you to quickly close from the rain. This is not only convenient, but also protects the swing itself from corrosion, as well as damage to soft seats due to water;
  • mosquito net. A very useful accessory, especially in areas with a plentiful amount of mosquitoes and other insects. For almost any swing model, you can purchase a mosquito net separately. It is better to do this right away so as not to spoil the impression of a holiday.

Recommendations for choosing a garden swing

Choosing a swing for a personal plot is necessary based on your own needs and budget. In this case, you should consider a few simple tips:

  1. More practical models for 3 seats with a metal frame. Supports should have a cross section of at least 40 mm, preferably 60 mm. You should not buy a swing on legs, it is better to give preference to models with supports in the form of arcs. They will be stable on all surfaces.
  2. More reliable are the frames with a special polymer coating. It creates a pleasant tactile sensation and reliably protects against corrosion.
  3. The optimal suspension mechanism is conventional springs. The maximum load should be calculated on the basis of a minimum of 95 kg per person. Accordingly, the triple model must withstand a load of at least 280 kg.
  4. The mesh metal base is the most reliable and durable, withstands heavy loads. Even after a few years, it will not change its shape. While sitting, the mesh will be pleasantly springy, increasing comfort. Pay attention to the presence of a protective gasket between the base and the seat.
  5. The filler must be solid. It may be made of foam rubber or the like. Such a filler does not change its shape, unlike foam rubber crumbs.
  6. To take care of the swing was easier and more convenient, choose a model with removable covers for sofas.
  7. Give preference to a swing with a folding back. It is desirable that the angle of their tilt can be adjusted.
  8. Armrests with fabric upholstery are more comfortable, can have different pockets for storing things. The presence of tables will conveniently arrange all the necessary items, including during an evening feast.
  9. Be sure to have an awning that protects from sunlight and does not allow moisture to pass through. If necessary, it can be easily removed. It is advisable to have a mosquito net and a cape to protect from rain.

All these characteristics must be clarified by consultants when choosing a swing.

Properly selected swing will serve you for many years, and bring only positive emotions.