♏ Lunar sowing calendar of the gardener and gardener for February 2020

Despite the fact that February can be warm, it is too early to plant vegetables and greens in the garden, but you can take care of the seeds in advance. It is advisable to purchase those that have established themselves well on the site last year; the microclimate and soil are suitable for them. Source: www.youtube.com

However, this does not mean that new products should be discarded. After a couple of months, they can also be planted, but do not plant the whole plot with them. Otherwise, there is a chance of being without a crop if the crops do not take root.

It is also very important to adhere to the recommendations on favorable days and unfavorable for sowing work in relation to various crops that the Moon tells us.

What is and is not worth planting in February

Some gardeners begin sowing seedlings in February. This is not the best time, because daylight is still too short, air is dried by heating devices, the roots freeze. As a result, plants infect fungal infections and in most cases they die from this. Of course, if you live in the south and want to get the crop early, then you need to start planting.

However, there are crops suitable for the February sowing in other regions:

  • Plants with prolonged vegetation (leek, celery). Their seeds hatch for a long time, and seedlings grow slowly. If you plant them later, the crops will not have time to give a good harvest.
  • Early cabbage. It is recommended to sow in the second decade of February, as intensive growth occurs in March-April. Cabbage is planted on seedlings in February, and in the garden in April. Cabbage can be planted even earlier in the greenhouse without heating. But do not plant cabbage so early if you cannot create cool conditions for them, the seedlings will stretch and grow very weak.
  • Eggplant and tomatoes. Seedlings are hardened (carried out in the air for 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing the time). It must be borne in mind that when growing this culture for seedlings at room conditions, it is necessary to provide a cool microclimate for it. When the first shoots appear, the temperature must be lowered to + 8 ... +10 ° C. For older specimens, the + 15 ... +17 ° C mode is suitable. At night, the temperature should be a couple of degrees lower.
  • Onions also planted in seedlings in February, and in the garden in April, but after hardening. In cool weather, a root system forms in it, and nutrients accumulate. Moreover, during a dive in April, the culture will have time to gain strength until the summer of the onion fly, to grow the bulbs before the spread of downy mildew.

Many other crops can also be planted in February, if you create the necessary microclimate.

Favorable and unfavorable sowing days in February 2020

Good and bad dates for sowing seedlings for each early vegetable:


Tomato1-3, 6, 7, 12-15, 25, 28-299, 22, 23
Bell pepper1-3, 6, 7, 14-15, 25, 28-29
Dark nightshade (eggplant)
Bow10-15, 17-20, 24-25
Radish1-3, 10-20
Cabbage1-3, 6-7, 14-15, 19-20, 25, 28-29

It is forbidden to sow on unfavorable days. You can plant any crops in the rest, but the most favorable numbers for each are indicated. Given this, you can get a rich and healthy crop.

On which days you can plant flowers and on which days

Let's talk a little about favorable and unfavorable dates for gardeners in February 2020:

Annuals4-7, 10-15, 259, 22, 23
Biennials and perennials1-3, 14-15, 19-20, 25, 28-29
With onions and tubers12-15, 19-20

Recommended work depending on the zodiac and lunar phase

What is recommended to be done in the last month of winter 2020.


  • + high fertility (fertile signs);
  • +- medium fertility (neutral signs);
  • - poor fertility (infertility).


♉ Taurus +. Growing moon ◐ - pulls plants up, good for those who have fruits above the ground.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- soaking, germination, sowing radishes, lettuce, spinach;

- planting seedlings of early varieties of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant (nightshade nightshade), pepper;

- distillation of onions and parsley root;

- planting tomatoes under a film shelter;

- mineral top dressing, moistening the substrate.

- sowing perennial flowers;

- A good time to treat pests and diseases of indoor plants (use onion or garlic tinctures);

- fertilizing, loosening the soil;

Do not transplant, damaged roots at this time will not heal for a long time.

- landing planning;

- purchase of garden tools;

- additional purchase of seeds for planting;

- treatment of frost pits, cover them with garden var;

- sourdough, pickling cabbage.


♊ twins -. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing radish;

- the fight against diseases and pests;

- weeding, loosening;

- cover with snowdrifts (if there is snow) in autumn crops;

Diving is not recommended.

- planting of climbing plants with a long growing season;

- watering, top dressing.

We do not recommend replanting.

- inspection of trees for pests;

- Installation of fresh hunting belts;

- whitewashing of trees (weather permitting);

- work in greenhouses;

- the same work on blanks as in the early days.


♋ cancer +. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- soaking seeds, sowing seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, nightshade, cucumbers;

- distillation of onions, parsley, celery, beets;

- sowing dill, cumin, fennel, coriander;

- transplanting seedlings;

- wetting the substrate;

- application of root fertilizers.

- sowing annual flowers.Mandatory backlighting especially in the central and northern regions.


♌ Leo -. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- loosening of not watered soil;

- preparation and excavation of beds;

- thinning;

- fight against insects and diseases;

- the use of phosphorus mixtures;

- care of crops for distillation.

No need to soak seeds, sow, dive.

- planting herbs.

Do not plant, transplant flowers, soak and sow seeds.

- cleaning the lawn, when snow is falling, usually in the southern regions;

- work with snow in the northern regions: shaking off branches, sketching in greenhouses;

- selection of new varieties and species for planting.


♌ Leo -. The full moon ○.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
Do not carry out any work with plants.If snow has fallen (southern regions): tidy up the site, begin to form high beds.


♍ Virgo +-. The moon is waning ◑ - energy spreads to the roots, good for root crops.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing celery;

- sowing radishes in a greenhouse;

- sowing tomatoes, peppers, nightshade dark-fruited, cauliflower;

- planting tomatoes in a winter greenhouse;

- cutting and watering;

- dive;

- feeding.

- sowing annuals;

- for early flowering, the laying of rhizomes in moist moss: aronniku, calla lilies, cannes, eukomis;

- laying on the germination of tubers dahlia, rhizomes of chrysanthemums;

- with thawed soil, the formation of flower beds.

- if in your region the land warmed up, it is worth planting trees and shrubs (they will take root well, will give a plentiful harvest);

- grafting, cropping, division:

- pest control.

- if the soil permits, prepare beds.


♎ Scales +-. The moon is waning ◑.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing celery, parsnip for seedlings;

- sowing radishes;

- sowing seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, nightshade, cabbage;

- transplantation in a greenhouse of tomatoes (4-5 leaves);

- introduction of organic matter;

- transplant, watering;

- pinch, formation.

- sowing annual seeds;

- planting tubers-bulbs;

- rooting of cuttings;

- top dressing.

- when warming the land, landing of stone fruits;

- whitewashing, pruning.

Do not use chemicals


♏ Scorpio +. The moon is waning ◑.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing seedlings of leek, root celery;

- sowing radishes;

- forcing greenery;

- sowing pepper, nightshade, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower for seedlings;

- watering and feeding.

- sowing seeds of any kind of flowers;

- landing.

Do not divide corms and rhizomes.

- painting trunks.

Do not trim.


♐ Sagittarius +-. The moon is waning ◑.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing radishes;

- sowing chili seedlings;

- distillation of onions and shallots;

- sowing leeks, peas, fennel, root parsley, dill;

- digging, loosening, spud;

- thinning and weeding;

- destruction of pests and infections.

Do not sow tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant and other vegetables other than those mentioned above.

- landing ampelous, curly;

- rooting of cuttings.

Do not cut flowers (wounds will heal for a long time), watering is not recommended.

- removal of dead wood;

- sauerkraut.


♑ Capricorn +-. The moon is waning ◑.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- soaking and sowing radishes, turnips, radishes;

- sowing seedlings of root parsley, celery, tomatoes, peppers, nightshade;

- pick;

- watering, introducing organic matter for root crops;

- the destruction of pests and infectious lesions.

- planting perennials, corms.

We do not recommend dividing plants and working with roots.

- pruning branches;

- snow retention;

- winter vaccination;

- check the shelter of the plants, ventilate or remove, if weather permits.


♒ Aquarius -. The moon is waning ◑.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- loosening, tumbling;

- destruction of weeds, thinning;

- fight against insects and diseases.

Not recommended: sowing, planting, fertilizing, watering.

- pruning of dry branches;

- removal of dead trees;

- formation of the crown, if there is no frost;

- finding and removing pests;

- purchase of country equipment.


♓ fish +. New Moon ●.

Although the sign is fertile, this day is not worth doing anything with plants.


♓ fish +. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing seeds of vegetable crops;

- pick;

- loosening, top dressing.

- sowing flower seeds.Do not deal with the treatment of diseases and pests, pruning.


♈ Aries +-. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- sowing of leaf and watercress, chili, spinach, petiole parsley;

- plowing, hilling, loosening;

- treatment from pests and infections;

- we get potatoes for germination.

On the 25th, annual and perennial flowers can be sown, on the other days this should not be done.- whitewashing of trees;

- garbage collection;

- sheltering beds with black material for faster heating.


♉ Taurus +. The moon is growing ◐.

Gardener worksFlorist worksGardener works and general recommendations
- soaking and germination of seed;

- sowing seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, nightshade, pepper, spinach, cabbage;

- forcing greenery;

- introduction of minerals, watering.

- in the south: planting bulbs (weather permitting);

- sowing perennials;

- cuttings of dahlias, chrysanthemums, geraniums;

- work with indoor flowers.

- grafting, pruning, replanting trees and shrubs;

- treatment for frost pits, whitewashing.

Some gardeners and flower growers do not adhere to the lunar calendar, because consider it prejudice. However, those who observe it note that work on auspicious days is indeed more productive.

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