🌷 Lunar calendar of the grower for March 2020

In March it’s still quite cold, but it’s time for gardeners to prepare for spring planting. You need to check the condition of the flower beds, put them in order, make sure that the flowers survived the winter well.

It is necessary to remove shelters from perennials, loosen the soil, and add nutrient mixtures. When working, gardeners are advised to focus on the Lunar calendar for March 2020. He will tell you which days will be favorable and unfavorable.

What is and is undesirable to plant in March

The first to sow annuals that tolerate cold:

  • asters
  • Snapdragon;
  • eschscholzius;
  • calendula
  • cornflowers.

Even with severe frosts, they will not die. These flowers germinate better if planted in early spring or even before winter. It is recommended to cover them with polyethylene or non-woven material. This is not necessary for heat, but to maintain the required level of humidity. This is especially necessary for sandy soils, as they quickly lose fluid. For the same reason, seeds on light soil are buried more strongly than on hard ones.

You can sow at room conditions for further transplantation into the flower garden:

  • Snapdragon;
  • tagetes (marigolds);
  • Iberis
  • lobelia, etc.

Thanks to this, the plants will bloom earlier than they are immediately planted on the street. In the first month of spring, you can already do without additional light sources.

So that the flowers do not get sick with a black leg, humus cannot be added to the soil mixture, planting should be rare. Depth depends on the size of the seeds. The smaller they are, the smaller the termination.

When sowing, the following recommendations must be observed:

  • small seeds of ageratum, snapdragon, lobelia, petunias, fragrant tobacco can only be scattered on a damp surface or sprinkled with a little calcined sand, covered with polyethylene;
  • seedlings of sweet peas, nasturtium, previously incubated for 24 hours in water at room temperature, place in a moist gauze bag until they hatch;
  • ageratum, lobelia, godetium, sweet peas, snapdragon, annual asters to plant in a cool room (+ 12 ... + 15 ° C) for better germination, also keep the sprouts at a low temperature;
  • dahlias, sweet peas, watering the lobelia after sowing, not allowing the soil to dry out, spray;
  • Tagetes, ageratum, annual asters, carnations, petunias, phloxes and chrysanthemums should only be moistened after the top layer of the earth has dried.

Florist lunar calendar for March 2020

When manipulating it is recommended to focus on the lunar calendar by date.


  • + high fertility (fertile signs);
  • +- medium fertility (neutral signs);
  • - poor fertility (infertility).

From 01.03 to 08.03 the moon grows. ◐


♉ Taurus +.

A favorable day for sowing perennials.

Do not transplant and do work related to the roots.


♊ twins -.

Planting and sowing curly, creeper flowers.

It is not recommended to water and fertilize.


♋ cancer +.

Sowing not afraid of frosts of annual crops.

The use of chemicals is prohibited.


♌ Leo -.

You can carry out work that is not prohibited.

Do not engage in watering, fertilizers, germination. As well as a transplant.


♍ Virgo +-.

We sow annual and perennial flowers for seedlings.


♍ Moon in the sign of Virgo - ○ Full.

In the full moon, any work is prohibited.

From March 10 to March 23, the Moon is waning ◑


♎ Scales +-.

We plant cold-resistant annual and biennial flowers. Planting decorative flowering shrubs.

It is undesirable to soak and germinate the seeds.


♎ Scales +-.

It is good to plant tuberous bulbs in pots or under shelter, root cuttings.

Do not use chemicals.


♏ Scorpio +.

We continue to plant tuberous bulbs, as well as perennial flowers

Not recommended transplant, pruning, dividing.


♐ Sagittarius +-.

March 14 is a good day for planting tubers. 15 - sow annuals. You can fertilize seedlings.

Watering and pruning is undesirable.


♑ Capricorn +-.

We continue planting bulbs and tubers of flowers. March 17 is also good to do indoor plants, and 18 any perennial.

You can plant and transplant, but do not divide the roots, a high probability of damage.


♒ Aquarius -.

Form the beds. Cut, pinch.

Do not sow, transplant, water, fertilize.


♓ fish +.

Planting decorative flowering crops.

It is undesirable to trim, apply chemicals.


♈ The moon in Aries. ● The new moon.

The plants are weakened, do not carry out any actions with them.

From March 25 to March 31, the growing moon ◐


♈ Aries +.

You can pay attention to the fight against diseases and pests.

It is undesirable to trim and shape, transplant, root, feed, stepchild, water.


♉ Taurus +.

We plant annual, perennial flowers. We are engaged in transplantation.

Do not loosen the ground near the rhizome.

Chrysanthemum seedling cultivation


♊ twins -.

We plant creepers. Planting and transplanting roses, chrysanthemums in the absence of return frosts.

Watering and top dressing is not recommended.

In what numbers can different types of flowering plants be planted, and in which not, depending on the phases of the moon

Favorable and unfavorable March numbers for planting flowering plants:

Annuals, biennials2-5, 8,10, 15, 22, 27-289, 24-25
Perennials1-3, 8, 13-15, 19-20, 25, 27-29
Tuberous, bulbous10-18, 22
Home flowers2,7,16, 18, 30

Follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and you will achieve a beautifully blooming garden plot.