Rose Eric Tabarly - grade characteristics

Roses have always been one of the favorite plants of gardeners, gardeners and breeders. Every year the number of varieties increases, bringing more and more beauty to the world. This article will talk about Eric Taberli.

Grade description

Despite the fact that the shoots of the plants are stiff and stand straight, resembling a scrub, Eric Tabarly rose belongs to the category of climbing. In height, it reaches one and a half meters, in width - 70 cm, has powerful stems with sharp spikes.

Eric Taberly

The stems can be different: creeping, arched or laciform. Shoots Eric Taberli can reach 6 meters in length. Green dense leaves of the plant lack luster. The flower has an average winter hardiness, withstanding up to -23 ° C.

The "father" of this variety is the French breeder Aylan Meyer. Variety Eric Taberli "was born" into the world in 2002 in France. Two years later, the popularity of the new variety increased sharply in the United States, and a year later the rose was even awarded the Los Angeles Society.

Advantages of culture:

  • large flowers;
  • long flowering;
  • vitality of cut flowers;
  • large sizes of bushes;
  • high resistance to fungal diseases, which makes possible the absence of prevention - the best advantage of a flower.

Disadvantages of culture:

  • poor tolerance of temperature and humidity changes;
  • protracted rains contribute to rotting of the stems;
  • in extreme heat they dry up;
  • the stiffness of the shoots adds difficulty to sheltering the bush for the winter.

Important! No doubt the rose Eric Taberli will become the star of any rose garden and will give a new life even to the most meager flower garden.

The options for using the flower are endless: you can plant a rose both separately and in a group with other plants, form mixborders and hedges. Often it is landscaped with fences, walls or arbors, and it is also planted under windows.

Hedgerow Eric Taberly

Growing roses

Eric Taberly's climbing rose is a gentle aristocrat of blue blood, so she's whimsical in choosing a place.

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If you place the plant in direct sunlight, the delicate rose petals will suffer from burns. In addition, the culture is afraid of drafts, so a semi-shady place without drafts will be the best option for it.

Important! To prevent the flower from getting sick or being attacked by pests, you should choose a site with acceptable air circulation.

Before planting, make sure that the soil is quite fertile, light and loose. The pH should be in the range of 5.6-6.5. It is necessary to acidify the soil by adding peat or manure to it. The best time to root this variety will be the spring months of April and May, or the beginning of autumn.

First you need to dig a hole, a depth of not more than 60 cm and lay a layer of gravel in it. Gravel must be mixed with organic fertilizers. The last step will be filling the hole with earth. The root neck should not be deepened.

Propagation of Eric Taberli occurs only by cuttings. This is because the shrub is able to preserve its varietal qualities only during vegetative propagation. Cuttings should be harvested from young and strong representatives of this variety after the first wave of flowering has passed.

For reference! The cuttings procedure of this variety is not original; everything needs to be done the same way as for other roses.


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It is impossible to water the plant itself, it is only necessary to moisten the soil twice a week. With the advent of August, the number of irrigations is reduced to once a week, and in the fall, moistening is no longer required at all.

To strengthen the roots of the plant, the soil around it is sometimes loosened.

Rose Eric Taberli needs to be fed 1-2 times a month: in spring - with nitrogen fertilizers, and during flowering - with mineral concentrates with potassium and phosphorus.

Pruning this variety of roses is also of great importance: in the spring you need to remove diseased and dry branches and do thinning. In autumn, all dried shoots, wilted buds, damaged leaves, stems are removed.

Shelter for the winter is appropriate if Eric Taberli grows in the northern regions of Russia or in the middle lane of the country. After making autumn pruning, you need to make a spud of earth and warm the plant with fir spruce branches.

Flowering roses

The flowering period of the rose Eric Taberli falls in the middle of summer, lasts about two months with a possible small pause and is truly amazing in its beauty.

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In one brush, 3-5 flowers with a size of 8-11 cm can grow, the shape of which is characterized as nostalgic. For this, the rose is often called English. The buds are velvet, lush, dense - have up to 100 petals and smell pleasantly. They amaze with their rich red-raspberry shades with burgundy shimmer.

Important! Be sure to prune faded and dried flowers.

Until the rose reaches one year old, it is better to prevent its flowering. If, during the passage of this period, all comfortable conditions are met, problems with a delay in flowering or its absence will not arise.

Eric Taberli Flower


Diseases and Pests

As for the diseases, the plant is practically immune to them. Therefore, there is no need for preventative treatments. The only thing that can greatly harm a delicate rose is precipitation, which can provoke rotting of flowers, accumulating moisture among the thick petals.

Changes in temperature and humidity can also negatively affect the condition of the bush.

Rosa Eric Taberli does not require excessive attention and it is quite easy to care for her. If you follow all the tips and properly grow the plant, surrounding it with care, you can enjoy its unique beauty for many years.