Ampoule petunias - when and how to pinch

For several years, petunia has been a leader in the market of horticultural crops. But not all people know the principles of its cultivation. This flower loves pruning. How to pinch an ampelous petunia is not difficult to understand, you need to trim the tops of the stems in a timely manner and it will start letting out side shoots. After pruning, many new and lush flowers are formed on the bush. This article talks about the rules for pinching ampelous petunia and how to properly care for this culture in general.

Do I need to pinch ampelous petunia?

Petunia is a perennial mountain plant from Eastern Europe; in the early 80s, a variety of ampelous petunia Avalanche and Lobelia was brought to Russia. But no one even knew how to properly care for her and whether it was necessary to pinch an ampoule petunia.
Years later, gardeners were convinced that she loves water, is warm and cannot tolerate severe frosts, and also reacts positively to pruning.

What does a flower look like

Pinching is the process of trimming the extreme petals of a flower for branching the shoot. At the top of the ampelous petunia, several sheets remain. The main stem inhibits the bush in growth, the buds cannot germinate.

If you do not pinch, then the bush:

  • Will weaken.
  • Do not grow further.
  • It is strongly extended.
  • Flowers do not grow.

After pruning, care is required for the bush, it is fertilized with mineral additives (Agricola, Flower Garden), and growth stimulants (Kornevin) are added. They contain everything you need for restoration and flowering. The bush needs a very large number of top dressings. Otherwise, new shoots will be weak. After tweaking, some material remains, it is not necessary to throw it away. You can propagate it by cuttings.
How to pinch ampelous petunia

Before the pinching process, flower growers recommend following the rules:

  • Use sterile scissors.
  • Try not to damage the sprout.
  • Weak shoots cannot be sharply cut.
  • Spraying is allowed either in the early morning or after sunset.
  • You can pinch the petunia for several passes, for more abundant flowering.
  • Fertilizers should be purchased only in gardening stores.
  • All decayed flowers and stems must be cut off.
  • Species of petunias with large buds are more resistant to climate change.
  • You can not mix different varieties.
  • The soil must be cleaned of weeds and pests.

Note! The plant must be pinched. If this process is carried out correctly, the bush forms a larger number of branches, the flowering period will increase, the buds themselves will be very lush.

It should be noted that circumcision increases the plant's immunity, making it more resistant to pests. You can not tighten, it is worth holding it as quickly as possible. It is necessary to leave a few petals, and cut off the shoot above them. The time for this procedure is once every two weeks. The first pruning is done when the culture is fully stronger.

Important! Trimming is necessary so that there are 5 petals on the top shoot. In few cases, flowering is not plentiful after pruning. No need to worry, because after a certain time, the side shoots will begin to grow again, and the flowers will become very large.

Step-by-step pinching of a plant at different stages:

Pruning stageHow to do itResult
In seedlingsComplete removal of stems around the 5th leafActivates the growth of side shoots, will be the basis for the formation of a bush
5 days after transplanting to a permanent placeTrimming side shoots over the fifth leafActivates wide growth and abundant flowering
Regularly every monthTrimming of extra tops, side shoots, plant adjustmentStimulates abundant flowering, maintains the condition of the trimmed crown

Ampoule petunias: when and how to pinch a flowering plant

What are ampelous plants and ampelous annual flowers

If the bush already blooms in pots and crates, the top is formed, and it consists in pruning the side shoots.

Mostly bushes of petunias are planted in a pot (box), which were once nipped in seedlings, and now they are energetically releasing lateral shoots. It is desirable to be creative in the pinching process; the plant can be given any desired appearance. It depends only on the gardener how long he wants to see shoots flowing in a colorful and chic waterfall.

Ampelous petunia when pinching seedlings

How to pinch a petunia for lush flowering

The first pruning is carried out no earlier than 45 days after planting seeds in the soil. On the flower should be at least 5-6 true petals, which should be completely healthy. Work is carried out using sharp small scissors, or a clerical knife. A large number of experienced gardeners have come to the conclusion that pinching with nails is prohibited.

Pincing Result

This can cause the leaves to become loose, which increases the risk of infection and drying. The top of the plant should be trimmed by about 3-4 cm. In no case should the length of the trimmed top be greater than the height of the entire bush. The correct ratio is 1: 3, where one part is the top removed, and the other three are the rest of the bush.

When to pinch ampelous petunia after germination

Ampel plants for home and balcony

You need to pinch off the plant after sunrise on the 75th day of seed planting. Re-pruning is done so that the newly overgrown side shoots give fresh branches, thanks to this, the number of flowers will increase at the time of flowering. About a month should elapse between cuts. If this is not followed, then the flower will experience stress, because of this it will begin to grow poorly, and also will not bloom.

How to form ampelous petunia

Only with the help of formation can the decorativeness of petunias be restored. Nipping is carried out in several passes. To start, cut two shoots, a week later two more and then the remaining shoots. With this formation, old flowering shoots and new ones will constantly grow on the bush.

Note! With a slow formation of the bush, do not pinch, but only trim. Trim branches, leaving two or three internodes from the soil. New branches begin to grow from them, after two weeks the flower becomes very lush and begins to grow, with a lot of flowers.

How to properly form ampelous petunia

Basically, ampelous petunia should be a lush bush. There is no need to form an adult bush, sometimes only cut off faded buds. This is necessary in order for the flower to direct all its power to creating new buds and lush flowering. It is recommended to pinch the petunia at the seedling stage. Pruning the main shoot will help the plant bloom more vigorously.

Important! If the summer is cool enough and with frequent rains, then the plant needs to pay a lot of attention.

Flowering in a hanging pot

Most gardeners emphasize that in humid weather due to great splendor, fungal diseases form on the bush. Therefore, it is recommended to thin out the bush so that it has a good draft. This mainly applies to ampel varieties.

How to trim an ampoule petunia

If you do not pinch the plant, it will stretch out strongly, and small flowers of a pale tone will grow on it. If you correctly trim (pinch) the tops of the bush, the growth of the lateral stems is enhanced even during the cultivation of seedlings. And in just a few weeks, the first good buds will appear.

Note! The first pinching to produce during the cultivation of seedlings. The most suitable period for this will depend on the type of plant selected.

Why ampelous petunia grows up

So that there is no stretching of the petunia bush due to a lack of light, it must be constantly illuminated with fluorescent or other specialized lamps. It is advisable to provide light around the clock.

At night, the light should be dim. The distance from the lamp to the flower is approximately twenty-five centimeters.

If the temperature is above 25 degrees and high humidity, then the seeds grow well. But for the formed flower, such a temperature is fatal, it begins to stretch and then die. To solve the problem, place the bush in a cooler place.

It can stretch out due to the wrong amount of humidity. Very often, beginning gardeners, after the plant has sprouted, suddenly open the top cover or film. Doing this is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to lower the humidity gradually by first opening the lid for a short time.

Fertilizer process


Very thick bushes need to be thinned out or the weakest plants removed. If the seedlings are few, then you need to pick it up. And then adhere to a temperature of about 18 degrees.

In conclusion, it can be noted that you only need to pinch the petunia ampel and cascade, the remaining plant varieties live perfectly without constant pruning. It should also be remembered that the plant needs a lot of space, so it is not recommended to plant it in small pots. Be sure to observe the climatic regime for the plant.

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